Your contact point for all questions around the topic of innovative public procurement

Initiate changes, open up potentials

Within the framework of the Competence Center, the public and the contracting authorities should recognize their innovation potential more strongly than before and integrate this into their strategic orientation.

As a result, structural, organizational and legal barriers can be overcome in order to increase the share of innovation in administration and economy.

The Competence Center supports this development and transformation process in a variety of ways through the following offers:




KOINNO is a public buyer in their procurement projects to advise you! We look after you in all legal and economic questions around an innovation-oriented procurement.

In doing so, we support public clients in setting up or restructuring their purchasing department to become an efficient, innovative and strategic procurement agency. The advice is individual and free!(*)
The KOINNO team supports you in the following fields of advice:

  •     Stock analysis of the purchasing organization and derivation of recommended actions
  •     Optimization of procurement processes and strengthening of the mandate
  •     Use of new allocation instruments (auctions, innovation partnership, PCP, etc.)
  •     Accompanying the implementation of a concrete procurement project for the purchase of an innovative product / service

It takes place ...

    ... without financial expenditure on your part.
    ... together with you and your employees.
    ... individual and not standardized.
    ... with the claim to increase the innovative power of procurement.
    ... over a jointly defined time horizon with real change.
    ... with the aim of publishing a practical example on our website.

(*) The number and scope of consulting projects is limited each year. In addition, the consulting projects must be based on innovation.

Find out more in our consulting sheet.

Together with you, we analyze the status, level of knowledge and needs of your procurement processes with regard to innovation orientation. Then your desired goals are defined and any optimization processes initiated. As an alternative to a consulting project, we also offer individual in-house training courses.


In-house training

The training content is tailored to the specific needs of your procurement organization and may include innovation-oriented types of procurement, including: Negotiated procedures, functional tenders, specifications and side offers. The goal is the permanent implementation of the aspect "innovation" in your future procurement activities.

Practical examples

We present practical examples for the successful procurement of innovations or the design of innovative procurement processes. Those best pratices make it clear that innovation-oriented public procurement is already feasible and meaningful today.

Our best practices are only available in German by now.


The Competence Center provides you with comprehensive information on the topic of innovative procurement. We develop new materials and point out already existing information and are thus a central point of contact for the procurer.

EU Contact Point

There are some programs at EU level to promote innovation and research and development projects.

Innovation prize

The BMWi and the BME honor exemplary achievements of public clients in procuring innovations and designing innovative procurement processes.

Innovation days

These one-day congress formats give you a broad insight into specific product / product groups (such as e-mobility, ICT, etc.) or specific process topics (such as eVergabe). You can also expand your network extensively and enter the discussion in interactive formats. Further information in the event overview.

Regional Events

We come to your region to inform you about the competence center for innovative procurement and its services. In addition, you will gain insight into the work of the Competence Center for Sustainable Procurement and a regional practical example. The regional events are free of charge.

Strategic dialogues

With the strategic dialogues, we create a framework for the direct exchange of different experts and experts in the procurement of innovations from the public sector and the private sector. The dialogues are constructed in two parts. As a first step, public purchasers are addressed and involved in the direct dialogue. In the second step, this exchange of experience is raised on a broad basis; Selected private companies with comparable expertise are called in. This generates best practice in a market-driven environment.


The one- to two-day seminars provide you with a quick overview of the respective topic (such as strategic procurement, current public procurement law, procurement of ICT, etc.) and are particularly suitable for new employees in procurement or new project challenges.

A strong community for purchasing, supply chain management and logistics

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

The central concern of the policy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is to reinvigorate the social market economy, to ensure sustainable progress and to strengthen social cohesion in Germany.

As part of these goals, the Competence Center for Innovative Procurement was created. It is intended to contribute as a central, nationwide competence center for promoting the innovation orientation of public procurement.

Further information about the BMWi.

The Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V.

The Competence Center for Innovative Procurement works closely with the Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME), founded in 1954, the leading trade association for buyers, supply chain managers and logisticians in Germany and continental Europe. It sees itself as a service provider to its members, who belong to all sectors and sectors: for example, industry, trade, public institutions or the financial sector.

The objectives of the BME e.V. include the transfer of know-how through a constant exchange of experience, the training and further education of qualified personnel and the scientific work on new methods, procedures and techniques. In addition, the BME supports its members in opening up new markets and shaping economic processes and global developments.

Further information about the BME e.V.