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Education and research are the foundations on which we build our future - therefore the funding from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is an important contribution to securing prosperity in Germany.

The duties of the ministry encompass all phases of a human life: from early childhood support to continuing education and lifelong learning. Even if the areas of school and university are primarily a matter for the federal states, the federal government makes important contributions, e.g. with the Higher Education Pact, through award of scholarships, or through the Alliance for Education.

Also in close coordination with the federal states, the BMBF takes care of extracurricular vocational training, promotion and professional development. An important focus of the work is educational equity.

Another important component is the topic of innovation. An expanded concept of innovation is used here, which also includes social innovations. With the Excellence Initiative and the Pact for Research and Innovation, the BMBF is also providing impetus in the scientific landscape and promoting young scientists.

Further information on the work of the Federal Ministry can be found on the website of the BMBF.