KOINNO is looking for two pilot companies that will go through the whole certification process and put them through their paces.

The entire certification program consists of three consecutive stages:

  •     Level 1: "Bronze Certificate"

As part of a self-evaluation, your procuring entity will be assessed for the implementation or presence of innovative procurement aspects. After evaluating the completed online questionnaire, you will receive the Bronze Certificate.

  •     Stage 2: "Silver Certificate"

Once you have mastered the first level, you can receive the Silver Certificate by demonstrating your innovative approach or procurement project. With the help of an online input mask, you can formulate a practical example, which will be published on the KOINNO homepage.

  •     Level 3: "Gold Certificate"

The Gold Certificate, and thus the highest level of the Certification Program, can be obtained by undergoing an on-site audit in which KOINNO verifies the self-evaluation information (Level 1). In addition, together with the KOINNO team, you will work out further optimization measures in a short workshop.

Have you become curious? Interested companies who want to test the certification program and help shape their feedback can register at:

Judith Richard

Project management KOINNO

Phone: 069 / 308 38 - 111

Mail: judith.richard(at)bme.de